For The Planet is the continuation of ProArtSo. It all began in Madrid, 10 years ago, when Jorge Pineda and Elisenda teamed up to create ProArtSo (Promocion Artistica Social). It was the first Spanish non-profit organization that carried out social and environmental responsibility programs which are working with art in both Spain and Colombia, where Jorge opened the foundation of ProArtSo with Catalina Londoño, Carolina Mendoza and Jennifer Camargo.

Later, Jorge moved to Ibiza and founded with the Zoo Project, “The Nature Project” which was a fundraising program for genetic conservation, that first took place in the Ecuadorian Amazon and then in Ibiza and Balearic Islands.

Eventually, Jorge and Elisenda each took a different path. It was at this point that both the team of Ibiza and Columbia changed to For The Planet.

Today we unite our passions of art, and environmental protection to create a cohesive team. For The Planet acts in a transparent, co-creative and committed way in order to convey a message and drive change for the planet.

At For The Planet, we are always integrating Art to all of our projects, it is part of us. As our objective is to recover the natural balance of the environment, we act on multiple fields: reproduction of bees, tree planting, circular economy system, clean up natural environments, etc. And we pay particular attention to education, of which we are convinced, will be the trigger for change.

The main goal with “The Nature Project”  is to organize beach clean up and mobilize volunteers. The “Posidonia Guardians”, a performance with pirates and Mermaids, which aim is to make boat captains aware of the dangers to marine life caused by their anchors, especially the damage of Posidonia (Seagrass) fields. We also worked with local diving schools to remove lost fishing nets from the seabed, which are also a threat to marine life.

Clean Ups, can’t be the goal – we are working towards a planet in which we reduce our footprint and generate less waste. A huge impact on the environment are events and big parties. The amount of single-use plastics being used is tremendous. That is why we introduced the “Circular Cup” for the moment here on Ibiza. Check out our amazing, animated video to find out more about it:

To raise awareness and find out how trash is something valuable, and has a big impact in our world, we reuse them and create sculptures out of the collected residues in our clean up actions. Everything which can not be given back into the recycling system can be reused to create art and give it another life and purpose. The result are sculptures and awareness raising performances as well as decoration being used for conscious events, dinner experiences and parties.

Another pillar of our work is education. Whether for young or old, all our projects have the objective (direct or indirect) of sensibilisation. We have created the program “Children for The Planet” which focuses on the environmental education of children. Asking the question: In which planet do you want to live? Or: What is the Circle Of Life? It allows them to become actors of change through reflection, awareness-raising, actions, etc… We have also designed an online program that allows children to learn from home. We want to empower the next generation to become environmental leaders and be the change the planet needs!

We have always acted for the protection of biodiversity. For example, within the framework of the Nature Project by helping to protect and rehabilitate monkeys in the equatorial jungle, and seahorses in Ibiza.

Currently, we are focusing more on bees and their essential role in our ecosystem: The “HeartBeet” program is aiming at the reproduction of bees. We have also carried out a project to reforest areas that have suffered from natural and man-made disasters in the Colombian Amazon.

Speaking of Colombia, one of our projects takes place there: Project Origen.

In the Timbiqui region, recycling is very difficult because there is no infrastructure dedicated to its management. The waste ends up in the rivers and that contaminates the ecosystems and the ocean. In addition, there is a lack of drinking water, which forces the inhabitants to consume bottled water, thus increasing the amount of waste.

To improve the situation, we mobilize the community of the region to clean up the natural areas and we work on raising awareness. We have succeeded in building a centre for the supply and management of waste, thereby providing employment and new income to the community.

Another ongoing project is the filming of documentaries, to honor and protect the ancestral knowledge of natives in Colombia and around the world to bring back the conscious of oneness and live in harmony with nature.

Right now we want to bring all of those different and action-based projects together and create an inspirational center. A place where we can unite all what we do and open up for people to join us, to learn, to get inspired, to open their eyes and see the beauty of nature and what we can do to protect it. We want to give children the chance to live their creativity and remember their inherent connection to nature. Through workshops for youngsters and adults we want to pass on knowledge so everyone can implement good practices into their daily life. All with Art as our baseline and signature!

The above is not possible without many dedicated people. We are gathering all of our friends & families, many many volunteers and great partners who share the same visions. Our team is growing and we welcome everyone who wants to be part of the most important movement of our time: Eco Activism.

And within all those guardians working For The Planet is a core team, which is coordinating, bringing together, developing the projects, connecting, creating and providing the administrative part. Meet Jorge, Sophia, Harmony & Tina, the head and heartquarter of “For The Planet”:

Founder, President & Creative Director

I’ve always been very interested in art in general. I am a professional filmmaker and photographer and I am the artistic director of FTP. Creating a non-profit is not an easy thing, the first years were complex but I didn’t give up. My passionate side and my love for art and nature helped me to move forward and today I am proud of the evolution of the organization and the team around me.

We are unique simply because of the teamwork, and our ability to remain genuine and human. We’ve always carried out our mission with transparency and co-creativity.

Vice President / PR

While studying history and philosophy in Germany (where I come from), I worked for the Green Party.

When I moved to Ibiza, to take over a bookshop, I gradually became involved with ProArtSo, until I fully dedicated myself to it 4 years ago, after I had to close the shop.

I have always been passionate about nature and I am enthusiastic about improving its protection. In fact, I have written a children’s book about it. “Kio, the little big seahorse” is about the seahorse maiden Kio which protects the ocean, connecting with the human girl Kim to transport the actions into the human world. In addition to my work as Vice President and Communications Officer at FTP, I am working for a slow fashion brand.

I think what makes For The Planet unique is that we are a very close-knit, creative team and we complement each other. Everyone is dedicated and brings their expertise to the table.



Secretary / General Program Manager

After graduating in sociology with a gender studies master’s degree and a diploma in visual anthropology, I worked two years in university research and public administration. I then got involved in international cooperation projects  in Latin America where my interest in education, human relations and nature turned into a passion. I have continued on this path to learn more about universal education and apply it in schools back in Ibiza, about this time, I met the ProArtSo team. I immediately knew that I wanted to get involved because I could see how real they were through active actions. I then proposed to develop educational methodologies to apply in schools as the seed for the future of planet. That is why today, within For The Planet, I am the general coordinator of the programs with a focus on education which is our main objective. Indeed, we believe that when you explain something you understand it but when you experience it you integrate it as part of your life. I combine with my work  in secondary schools where I implement a program of sexuality and gender identity with another organization.

I think what makes For The Planet unique is that by being active, people integrate this experience into their daily lives, which makes our educational process more concrete and relevant.


Living in Ibiza for the past 16 years and being passionate about art and especially music, I work for the organization of events and their financing.

When I first heard about Jorge’s “Nature Project” a few years ago, I immediately wanted to help. I then have been part of the new team for over a year now and have been involved with the financial administration and creation of For The Planet.

Besides that, I am a gestalt therapist, and I manage a project to create a space where people can enjoy art, music and culture.

For me, FTP is authentic in the way it raises awareness through action, and inspires people through art.