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A picture is worth a thousand words. Each one of our projects includes an element of artistic expression in the form of:

Why? It's not cool

Why is something so harmful to people and the planet manufactured?

With this work of art we seek to raise awareness about the problematic of vaper consumption for health and the environment. We are under threat of finding this single-use product with lithium batteries abandoned on our beaches and natural environments.

From our organization we use art as a communication tool, as we believe that it is an attractive and fun way to raise awareness about environmental problems.

The artist Jorge Pineda used 237 single-use vapers to create this art piece.
The work is part of a school campaign that invites young people to interact with it to prevent the consumption of vapers.

We appreciate the collaboration and support of CEPCA and the Consell Insular d’Eivissa so that it can reach the greatest number of secondary schools as possible.

anchor in poseidonia

by Antonio Villanueva

Through the connection with a local artist from the island to co-create a sculpture with the purpose to raise awareness how boats impact the health of posidonia seaweed which is so essential to the beautiful Mediterranean sea.
The outcome is a 1,5-meter sculpture with a weight of 300 kg. The material used is an anchor buried in the sand with posidonia seaweed floating in epoxy resin. You can even find cigarette butts in the sand to show all the trash we find in the posidonia meadows in the pitiusas seas.

On the base of the sculpture, highlighted on the metal, you can find the islands of Ibiza and Formentera as a symbol of how tourism impacts the islands each season. Follow his work on:
We believe in eco economy – with the sale of this sculpture we will continue what we do best and put the funds into financing our actions.