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Protecting Biodiversity


The rhythms of nature are like the heartbeat of the earth. Everything is interlinked with each other, in perfect harmony. The way the human race has treated nature has disrupted this rhythm. Let´s now reanimate the inherent connection to our environment by honoring the circles of life.

Our heart beats for bees & beets!

The life of bees reflect the circle of life and how, through collective togetherness, biodiversity can be protected. This makes them the perfect symbol for our project. When we create a space where bees can thrive, other pollinators can thrive too; and together they will provide us with what we all need to survive. Let’s create a healthy planet for all of us.


We plant trees in areas that have suffered natural disasters: fires, floods or deforestation.

We have planted more than 2,500 trees in the pre-amazonica and Amazonian areas of Colombia.


One of the great dangers for marine wildlife is anchoring boats in Posidonia Fields. We aim to protect it by educating the captains about its importance with the help of mermaids who swim towards the boats to explain the issue.

Being especially grateful for the ones who are already placing their anchors in sand or stone. Like this, we raise awareness in a sweet and beautiful artistic way.