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Program Beach Clean Up For The Planet

Our NGO Creatives For The Planet, with the support of Messyweekend, has combined efforts and actions with international strategic alliances to develop the “Beach Clean-Up For The Planet” program, with the purpose of raising awareness by cleaning natural environments, generating a greater impact on a global level. In collaboration with our strategic alliances, Fundación Ecopazifico in Colombia and Beach Warriors in India, we carry out cleaning actions in three continents.

90,0000 kg = 2 years = 108 actions = 6,231 people

Join the action and become a sponsor of the BEACH CLEAN UP FOR THE PLANET project!!!

€1 of your support = 3 kg of garbage out of the sea

Proactive Clean Up

We clean beaches, coastlines and water surface with volunteers and water-sport enterprises: Kayak, Paddles and Divers. We also showcase innovative Technologies such as solar boats. We are combining everything with upcycling performance and trash-band music.


Fishermen sometimes lose their nets in the seas. Although this is accidental, the consequences are fatal, and one of the leading causes of death for marine life.

Together with local diving schools we recover lost fishernets (known as “Ghostnets”) in the open sea. By removing or securing them, we prevent fish, seaturtles and other animals getting trapped and dying.


A Day For The Planet

In 2021 we organized a big day to join forces between local organizations working to protect the environment and called it “A day For the Planet”. We invited all the people from Ibiza to join and clean up the environment as a symbol of mutual responsibility to take care of our planet. We organized 5 collection points, coordinated 50 groups to clean beaches, coasts, and forests with volunteers and water sports companies: kayaks, paddles, and divers. In total 479 people participated and 2 tonnes of waste were collected. We showcased innovative technologies such as Eco Beach Express technology for the collection of microplastics and cigarette butts. We combined everything with information, artistic workshops, and environmental awareness-raising performances, and counted with the support of environmentally friendly companies connected to the sea.