"Tornem a la Terra" Etnoclips


“Without the land there is no life”
Under the name of “Tornem a la Terra” we have produced short documentaries (“Ethnoclips”) with the aim of preserving all the artisan knowledge of rural women. Recovering the traditions of the countryside, so that future generations can learn techniques and knowledge of self-sufficiency. With the combination of anthropology and ethnography we share this information in a visual and attractive way.
Each video highlights a woman and a recipe from the island of Ibiza.



With spreading their message we want to inspire the modern world to remember the universal connection amongst all of us.

Traveling to the deep amazonian forest we discover how to live in balance with nature. Learning from the indigenous tribes to respect the ecosystem without the actual human impact.



We are recording a documentary series about the conservation of ancestral knowledge passed on over the course of centuries. This is to remember the importance of a healthy eco system, which can only thrive in respect of natural laws and where indigenous societies are at the center.

“We are one” – this is the message from the Iku communities for the world.